Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite Things ~ Motherhood & the Holidays

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the Oprah's Favorite Things episode! This year, being that it's her last season, she had a 2 part episode... I thought I'd died and gone to daytime heaven! Being that this is my 100th post, I thought I'd share 25 of my fave, and not so fave things about motherhood during the holidays! Enjoy!

25. Having kids means having a good excuse to watch Christmas movies like Polar Express (Jaxon's fave), The Grinch (my fave), and A Christmas Story (Daddy's fave)! However, could someone please tell Jaxon that Christmas movies are only for Christmas time?! We watch Polar Express all year long and though it's a great movie, I'd really prefer to watch it when it's 30 degrees outside not 106!

24. Jaxon & Maddox's Texas grandparents always send the cutest Christmas jammies this time of year. I love jammies, especially the footie kind with a Christmas theme... they make for adorable pictures Christmas morning! The only downside is that Jaxon (who is now dressing himself), sometimes chooses to wear his footie jammies w/out the underwear... this requires special attention when using the toilet!

23. Going to look at Christmas Lights w/ the Kerns!!! This is a tradition that we hope to keep alive every year we can con our kids into going w/us, course it'll be fun when they decide they have better things to do too! This year we are facing a dilemma, not only do we have another child to seat belt in, but the one vehicle we were all able to fit into was recently involved in a car accident. Still trying to figure out how we are all going to squeeze into a different car!

22. Picking out the perfect tree from "Bird's Nest" tree farm! I always look forward to this but forget how cold one can get while scouring the acreage for the "shine a light down from heaven", perfect tree!

21. Decorating the tree! This fun, family event took three days this year and the boxes are still cluttering up my dining room floor!

20. Visiting Santa! Jaxon is terrified of Santa! I thought this would change w/ age... nope! We go every year anyway mainly because I like the idea of planting my child on the big man's lap. Maybe Max will feel differently about the Santa visit!

19. Making Christmas lists! I love making lists and this is a fun excuse to make another, however, Jaxon's list keeps getting longer and longer. Earlier this evening he added the cheesy crust pizza from Pizza Hut to his list... I think I'll add that one to mine too!

18. Making Christmas cookies! Making anything food-wise w/ the help of children can be a little stressful to say the least, but add in food coloring and it takes it up a few notches! I still have stains on my mixer from last year... might be using Max as a good excuse to get out of this tradition this year!

17. Listening to Christmas music like Alvin & the Chipmunks! Again, this is something I like to save for the holidays but we've been jamming all year long to the same song.

16. WRAPPING PRESENTS... my absolute favorite thing to do during the holidays! I can be a little picky when it comes to my wrapping so I choose to do all of it after everyone goes to bed. This way I can save myself from a fight w/ a four year old on his less than perfect wrapping skills! (My OCD takes control of me in ways I can not explain when it comes to wrapping paper!)

15. Picking out Christmas outfits for the boys! I wish this was a much fun when it comes to choosing outfits for myself!

14. Opening Christmas cards from friends and family w/ Jaxon! Trying to explain to him who everyone is however, is not so much fun!

13. Taking a picture for our Christmas card! Need I say more?!

12. Shopping w/ Mom, w/out Jaxon!!!

11. Going to church on Christmas Eve and this year watching Jaxon in his 1st program! Getting to church on time, not so much fun!

10. Watching the "special family movie" Santa brings on Christmas morning after we open presents! Santa always brings our family the new Disney, Dreamworks or Pixar movie so we have something new to watch together! Hopefully this year Mommy won't sit and cry during the movie. Last year Santa brought "Up", I did more explaining than viewing and if you've ever seen "Up", you'll know why!

9. Carrying on the tradition of soup for supper & presents from Mom & Dad after the Christmas Eve program.

8. Searching the Internet for the perfect gift ideas! Time consuming but I love doing my research!

7. Stuffing the boys' stockings w/ hygiene friendly accessories and having them love it because they are too young to care!

6. Being able to get away w/ wrapping up a box of "special treats" from Santa... you know, the stuff your kids walk past in Wal-Mart every time you go, the stuff they beg you to buy. Stuff like, Lightning McQueen crackers or Bob the Builder juice drinks! It's really inexpensive, something they only get once a year and it ends up being healthier than candy and they don't know the difference!

5. Baby Max's 1st Christmas... there's something about a baby's 1st Christmas!

4. Having an excuse to move some of the older toys to the playroom basement!

3. Making special gift tags w/ Jaxon to put on the Grandpa & Grandma gifts!

2. Being able to get all my kids shopping done at the Dollar Store!!!

1. Being able to use the "Santa's Watching Card" for an entire month... & having it work (sometimes)!!!

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