Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Mother's Work

Being a "Stay At Home Mom" is a full-time job and I love it, but some days I wish I could do this all day everyday! Mural painting, (next to blogging of course), is my passion and if it wasn't for my full-time commitment to my boys, I'd be elbow deep in a mural everyday of the week, as long as I could find work that is! This project was a sign I made for a family friend who along with her husband and children are giving it as a gift to her in-laws for Christmas. (Since the in-laws don't read my blog I knew I could get away w/ showing it off a little early!) A neighbor had made a sign for the couple years ago, the sign had weathered over time and the kids thought it'd be fun to replace it w/ a new one. Here's the original!
So much fun!


Ann said...

You are soooo talented Mandy!!! Awesome job!!! I love it!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Ann!