Monday, January 3, 2011

EAT Less, PRAY More, LOVE Lots

Can you guess what my New Year's resolution is?! That's right... EAT, PRAY, LOVE... some more, some less! I like the idea one of my fellow Mommy bloggers had of setting goals instead of making resolutions. Often times a resolution gets broken two weeks into the new year... setting goals seems a bit more realistic. With that, my goal for the year is to EAT a lot less than I have been, PRAY a lot more than we have been and LOVE lots & lots!

All of these "goals" seem like very easy things to do and not only will I benefit from them, but so will my family. I also plan to PLAY a lot more, READ a lot more and TEACH a lot more. Jaxon's number one request ALL DAY LONG is, "Play Mom!" And while I will admit there are times I'd much rather be cleaning... he's right, I do need to PLAY more!

Send me some inspiration... new recipes, cute prayers you say w/ your kids, fun ideas for playtime at home, good books you're reading right now (whether it be to the kids or for yourself). I love feedback!


Carrie Schreiber said...

I like your "eat, pray, love" goals! I'm also needing some good, new recipes so I'm afraid I'm no help there. Have you checked out the website It's great for organizing what books you've read, want to read or are reading. I've been liking the Kristin Hannah books and am in line at the library for "Crazy Love".

Kempf Kids' Korner said...

At dinner time, as we pray before eating, we had what we are thankful for that day. Just a little reminder of how blessed we are.