Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Here

For those of you who follow my Adventures, you already know that I am a HUGE Oprah fan. I had been anticipating the launch of her new channel OWN, previously known as DiscoveryHealth, for quite some time. I don't spend a whole lot of time in front of the TV and when I do I'm normally viewing children's programming. But being that this is her last season, I have made it a priority to tune in each week to see what she'll be discussing.

On Tuesday, Oprah had a couple on her show who have survived the most horrible tragedy imaginable! Chris and Lori Coble lost all three of their children, Kyle-5, Emma-4 and Katie-2, in a horrific traffic accident in May of 2007. But their story has a dramatic twist of fate... almost a year to the date of the accident, they welcomed triplets... a boy and two girls!

Out of such tragedy and heartache came such a wonderful reminder that God preforms miracles! And even when we can't understand why or how he could take such innocent lives like those of the Coble children or that of the nine year old girl lost in the Arizona shootings this past weekend... He's still here to help us get through the tough times.

As I was driving Jaxon to PreSchool this morning, Maddox screaming in the background the entire way to and from, I kept in mind... they're still here! I have my babies... and for that, I am grateful even when they are screaming!!!

For more on Chris & Lori's story, check out or!

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