Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Months

On Tuesday, Maddox turned 3 months! He has recently discovered his hands and has been spending lots of his time trying to get them in his mouth. He prefers his fists which can be a little frustrating for him, so Mommy has been encouraging him to try his thumb. He continues to try for the fist!

He is "talking" & cooing, smiling & drooling and almost busting out into those adorable baby giggles! He loves to watch his mobile, interact w/ big brother and take baths! There isn't much he doesn't enjoy but he hates riding in his car seat! Since I didn't do a "Watch Me Grow" photo w/ Jaxon, although I know for sure I have a picture of him from every month of his life, I have decided to include him in each of these pictures as well. I think his feelings get hurt a bit when I ask him to step aside so I can get one of just Max... after all, he's been the most photographed in our home for the longest! It should be fun to look back and see how he has changed from month to month that first year w/ Max as well!

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