Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Social Butterfly

Maddox is quite the social butterfly these days! On New Year's we spent the evening with some old and new friends and their children... we are party animals!!!
Here is Maddox w/ Lisa, my oldest and dearest friend! She's gonna love that I refer to her as my oldest friend!!!

And here he is again w/ some new friends. Little Emma is two weeks older than Max and Kysack (sp.) is 6 months.

On Sunday, Maddox was honored as a new member of our church. Here he is w/ a few other new members. Samuel, (the other little guy being held), was born in August. He is the brother to one of Jaxon's bestest buds, Ethan. I have a feeling that those 4 boys are going to get into lots of trouble together one day! Max's other church friends pictured here are Cash, (in the white shirt) and Andyn, (in the brown)!

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