Friday, January 21, 2011

"Snow" Much Fun

What kid doesn't love snow?! Last week at PreSchool, the kiddos were discussing this wintry delight! Since we didn't have any snow on the ground at the start of the week, Mrs. Amy came up w/ a fun way for them to have an indoor snowball fight! Jaxon must have really been getting into it... he's on his hands and knees at the bottom of the picture!
By the end of the week, they had the real thing to go out and play in! Jaxon tells me this was their snow fort... "You need a good snow fort if you're gonna have a snowball fight, Mom!" When I got to school that day to pick Jaxon up this is what I saw! I sat and watched awhile wondering where everyone else was, he was all alone. The other kids and their teacher were walking back up to where he was sitting... guess he needed a snack! I'm so glad Mrs. Amy captured this... such a silly boy! Yesterday was another SnowDay! We got about 6" and Jaxon couldn't wait to get out in it! Daddy came home a little early to do some scooping so Mommy got to take Jaxon sledding! We had "snow" much fun!!! Daddy did his fair share of pulling the sled too when Mommy had to go back inside to take care of Maddox.
Hopefully we will get to go out again today!

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