Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grandma 911

I remember as a girl my Mom getting really upset w/ us kids when we'd pick up the phone while she was talking to someone. I NOW KNOW WHY!!! Jaxon has had a recent obsession w/ the phone! We recently had Parent Teacher Conferences w/ Jaxon's teacher at his school. One of the things his teacher suggested that we begin working on him with was learning our phone number.

He has always done very well with word/number recognition so I decided to incorporate a little of both in our at home phone lesson. I wrote our phone number down on a note card and under the number I wrote his name. We began discussing what phone numbers are used for, who has them and when it's necessary to use them.

I gave him permission to practice dialing our number on our base phone but instructed him to leave the receiver alone. I explained that if he were to pick it up, we wouldn't be able to get calls from other people. That's when he asked if Grandma had a phone number. I told him she did and at that point explained how every one's numbers are different. I wrote my parents home number on another note card and wrote "Grandma" on the bottom. I then explained to him that Grandma's phone number is similar to ours because the first 3 numbers are the same since we both live in the same area.

A week went by and the excitement of dialing grew old. But one morning while I was brushing my teeth, Jaxon decided to begin practicing again! It was the first day of Spring Break and it was gorgeous outside. We were just on our way out the door to play when the phone rang. It was my Mom calling to tell me that she wasn't going to be home that afternoon. My first thought was, "Ok... why does that affect me?" She then told me that Jaxon had called and said he was coming over after dinner! "Jaxon called your house?!"

While I was brushing my teeth he had come in and said that he was going to Grandma's after dinner to play... she apparently had said it was OK. I thought nothing of it because he says this pretty much daily and he had just been to her house the day before so I assumed they discussed it then. But after talking to her & explaining the whole lesson on learning our phone number I realized what had happened!

Grandma's number is a dangerous thing! And now I'm terrified to even tell him about calling 911!!!

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