Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rock'n & Roll'n

2 days shy of his 5 month mark, Maddox rolled over for the first time! It's such an exciting milestone, sort of the first, "Look at me Mommy, I'm doing big boy stuff!" I have to admit, I'm a little annoyed at his choice of timing however. While I am a big fan of my kids showing off all the cute things they do and learn to others, I felt a bit jealous that he decided to perform this adorable act for the first time in front of our Parents As Teachers lady instead of someone like Daddy or Grandma! Oh well, I guess he was just doing what kids do best... showing off!

After lunch Mommy was busy helping Brother w/ his regular bathroom duties. Max enjoys spending that time under the mobile in his crib. His crib is more of a giant changing table than anything else, a place he enjoys playing in more than napping or spending the night. It's Daddy & Mommy's fault, we haven't taken the time to get it repaired and since he still sleeps in his travel bed in our room, we haven't been too worried about it!

Jaxon & I were just finishing up when I hear Max start screaming from their room. Brother & I both ran in and found Max lying on the floor! Guess now's a good time to get that crib front repaired! Big Brother was sure impressed w/ Max's showing off... after he made sure he was alright that is!

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