Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adventures in Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin carving always sounds like so much fun... the truth is with a 5 & 1 year old, it has it's fun moments, but there are lots of stressful ones too! Jaxon was put in charge of doing the gutting, he likes to get messy! Max was in charge of helping, he spent more time putting the guts back in the pumpkin than anything else! Daddy was in charge of helping w/ Max... he was too busy watching TV!!! I was in charge of the carving... most of it got done w/ one hand kinda like everything else around here so what should have taken a few hours got drug out two days!!!

And since I hadn't driven myself crazy enough I decided to let the boys paint their lil' punkins our neighbor gave to them. I thought this would keep Max busy while I finished carving his... it did for awhile and then he began tasting the finger paint! Needless to say the pumpkin painting got cut short, Max's pumpkin got carved w/ one hand and after Max's bath Mommy discovered that Jaxon's painted pumpkin had rolled across the dining floor leaving behind a colorful trail! 

Why do I do things like this to myself, you ask?! Because I love my kids and one day they won't want anything to do w/ painted pumpkins and crazy carving designs!!!

1st dig into his pumpkin!
Oooooyy, gooooyyy!!!
We are saving the seeds to throw over the fence again, apparently that's the only way Mama has any lucky planting pumpkins! (That's where the ones that the neighbor gave the boys came from!)
Max's turn!
Putting the guts back in his pumpkin!

Here's Jaxon's pumpkin all carved and ready to go! He chose a wolf howling at the moon!
He was happy with it!!!

Here are some shots from the pumpkin painting adventure! 

Max was giving his pumpkin some love!!!

Here's Max's pumpkin... it looks better all lit up!
Here are the painted pumpkins... I plan to paint their names on them, we'll see if I get to it!!!

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