Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All of the Lights

Daddy's a fan of multi-colored lights... Mommy is NOT! Every year Daddy tries to convince Mommy to put up colored lights... every year she turns him down. That is until this year! Mommmy got outvoted! Jaxon & Daddy (w/ a silent vote from Max) decided this was the year for colored lights... Mommy's still not convinced! 

The thing is, I like things to match. All my decorations are red & green. If they made a strand of red, green & white lights, I'd be OK w/ the multi-colored variety. Maybe it's my OCD but the blues, oranges, and pinks really bother me. I feel like they clash w/ my reds & greens! 

But once we got the decorations up on our tiny tree the other day, the multi-colored lights have been bothering me less and less. And it looks more matchy then I thought it would w/ my wrapping paper (which I was most concerned about) 

What do you think? Do colored lights add more HO HO HO to your Hoilday when there are kids in the house?! Or are you like me, a traditional fan of the white lights?! 

Max tasted all the decorations for us! 
Here he is hanging an ornament!

Christmas card, maybe?!  
My BIG Elf... he decorated the entire tree by himself this year!

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