Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday

This is about a week late BUT it's worth mentioning. 

I don't do Black Friday! I do shop online but I avoid stores. I can not deal with crowds of people, standing in lines and packed parking lots. The commercials that flooded the TV last week left quite an impression on Son # 1. He's recently had a lot of questions about Holidays, specifically St. Patrick's Day. Random?! Completely, considering the time of year. 

Trying to explain to a 5 year old that St. Patty's Day is several months away is difficult. Luckily he's decided that wearing green can be an anytime deal and that the need to ask several times a week isn't necessary since he is now dressing himself.

Thanksgiving morning, while we were getting ready to go to Grandma's, Jaxon asked me what Black Friday was. Here's how it played out!

JAXON: "Mom, is Black Friday a Holiday?"

ME: "Sort of! It's a shopping holiday where people get up really early and wait in big, long lines to buy things for super cheap."

JAXON: "Do you have to wear black?"

ME: "No... but that's a really good idea!"

Love his innocence! And speaking of Holidays, Pinterest has made one of my wishes come true by adding a HOLIDAYS category... YAY!

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