Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PreSchool Halloween Party

I was so excited to be part of the Halloween Party committee this year for Jaxon's PreSchool! I could buy Hobby Lobby out of their adorable Halloween Party supplies. Here's what we did to prepare for the big party!
I found this cute, cheap and easy idea on Pinterest! Jaxon helped w/ these, they were a lot of fun!

These were the treat boxes we picked out for the kids... aren't they fun?! 
Jaxon & I decided to make our own homemade candy for the party. We chose a recipe for "Monster Munch".... I will include a link to the recipe below! IT'S DELICIOUS!!!

I tweaked this a bit! Instead of adding peanuts and peanut butter cups like the lady did in the recipe below, I added the bits of Candy Corn bark above! PLUS we added green food coloring to the almond bark that we put over the popcorn to make it spookier! http://www.plainchicken.com/2010/10/monster-munch.html
Here are the treat boxes ready to go!
Jaxon & his classmates at their party!
Here they are Trick or Treating at the nursing home!
Enjoying their chocolate cupcakes w/ peanut butter frosting and their vanilla cupcakes w/ orange frosting!
And their green slime punch!

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