Monday, November 14, 2011

Kitchen Aid

My number one "Mommy Pet peeve" at the moment is my kitchen aid, or aids, I should say! I need a door on my kitchen, one w/ a "CLOSED" sign hanging up! Every time I am in there so are Sons # 1 & 2. I created this monster, I often ask for their help, just not every, stink'n time! For instance, while I'm making breakfast and drinking my coffee... no help needed! When I'm chopping veggies w/ a sharp knife... no help needed! 

Or when I'm busy cleaning up after dinner, loading the dishwasher and your Dad is home to play w/ you.... no help needed!!! Luckily, I caught this before the water cycle turned on! OH, and look I have voicemail! Thanks Max... Mommy's got this!!!

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