Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mystery Bag - Letter "J"

I think I get more excited when Jaxon brings home the Mystery Bag from PreSchool, than he does! The Mystery Bag is homework for PreSchool age kids. Every other week it's Jaxon's turn to bring the bag home and have a turn. 

Last year when he'd bring the bag home there would be a color, shape or number written on a paper bag and he was to find things around the house that he could bring back to class w/ him (that fit in the bag), to share w/ his classmates. 

This year he is assigned a letter. He practices writing that letter, sounding it out, making both upper and lower case versions of the letter, writing a tongue twister that goes w/ the assigned letter and choosing something to take back to class that starts w/ the letter.

Yesterday he got to choose whatever letter he wanted from the alphabet... surprisingly, he chose "J"! So, he decided to make "J" shaped, Jello Jigglers!
Here he is getting ready to make the Jigglers! 
Surprisingly he chose green Jello!
Max kept reminding us both that it was "HOT"! One of his favorite words!
Fast forward to today... here's Jaxon getting ready to cut out the "J" Jigglers!
This is also a fun treat for parties... we made trucks and trains one year!
Press hard!
He had to make sure it tasted OK!
8 "J" shaped Jello Jigglers ready for the Mystery Bag showing!
And since we have left overs we made some "M's" so both boys would have some for lunch today!

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