Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

The boys and I had a great time Trick or Treating last! Kick Buttowski and my lil' dragon made out like bandits w/ the candy... Mama's mission is to try and stay out of it! I figured while I can still get away w/ it that I would dress up too! The kids at Jaxon's party really enjoyed it and I figured the people whose houses we'd Trick or Treat at would too! PLUS I love playing dress up!!! Here are some highlights from last night!

Jaxon's costume was a lot of fun to put together! I think the kitchen gloves really completed his look!!!! 

If Daddy hadn't had to work, he would have been Mommy's 1st Mate... I'm guessing he's glad he had to work!!! What a great time we had! 

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