Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinterest Intervention

I AM OFFICIALLY ADDICTED TO PINTEREST! There, I admitted it, that's the 1st step right?! I can't stop myself from "pinning"! I wake up early to "pin" in the morning, I "pin" in the afternoon & every time Max needs nourishment. I pin till I can't "pin" anymore at bedtime... I've fallen asleep at the keyboard! I daydream while working out, about how I could finagle a way to "pin" while on the treadmill!!! I would be on the treadmill A LOT more if I could figure out a way to do both simultaneously!!! 

So, since I have been getting behind on my blogging due to my new addiction, I thought I'd take a moment to step away from Pinterest (for a short time) to share a few fun things we've been up to lately. 

MAX IS OFFICIALLY WALKING/RUNNING! He's been toddling around for a little over a month now taking steps here and there but he's 100% on the move nowadays! That's the other reason why I've been away for so long. Keeping up w/ the boys has become a little more interesting now that Max can get to wherever Jaxon is and snatch whatever Jaxon has! Just hand me a whistle and call me "ref"... all though I'm not too sure Jaxon would agree that he's been getting fair calls lately! 

We finally got some much needed rain the other day. Daddy decided to take a vacation day to catch back up w/ his kiddos after being away so much the month of October. He surprised Jaxon w/ a "Cars 2" movie date on the living room floor after lunch.The "snack counter" provided blue sugared popcorn and entertained Monster #2 so the movie date could be enjoyed by both!

While the weather has had it's ups and downs we continue to try our best to enjoy what's left of Fall. We had a beautiful day on the 1st and spent the afternoon putting up our Christmas lights outside. I decided that evening to reward myself with a glass of wine, can of beer, 1/5 of Crown, (whatever I could find), after the stressful time I had of hanging lights w/ a 5 & 1 year old. Memo to self: check alcoholic beverage supply before entertaining the idea of proceeding with these types of activities!!! 

And thanks to Pinterest the boys and I have been crafting & baking like crazy! I plan to post some of our newest Holiday adventures one of these days... that is as soon as I can pull myself away from the obsessive "pinning"! And be sure to follow along as I continue to "pin" my way through the holiday season... if you're a list maker like me, Pinterest is the place to be!

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