Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Boy Room

I have been trying to get Jaxon's room changed from nursery to big boy space. He has been sleeping in the twin bed for almost a year and a half and this whole time I have thought it was time to make the switch. I am not big on character themes and swore that I wasn't going to do any of that until he could tell me that he wanted a "Diego" themed birthday party! I also said that the same would go for his room... and here we have a John Deere themed room, already!
We painted his room a while back and picked yellow because it is bright and cheery. We also thought that it could easily match any theme we would choose down the road. (Luckily it matches perfectly w/ the John Deere theme!)

My Mom does vinyl cutting as part of her business so I have an advantage when it comes to "writing on my walls"! I stole a phrase similar to this from a scrapbook website and made some adjustments to keep w/ the tractor theme. This fall I took a bunch of pictures of Jaxon riding in the tractor w/ my brother Tony. I wanted to use them as part of the room w/out spending a ton of money on frames so I took baling twine, secured it to the wall and hung them up with clothes pins (that I hope to eventually paint green). (I am still unsure if this is the way I want to leave it, so I haven't painted them yet.)
Jaxon seems to be settling right into his newly transformed room and for awhile was sleeping much better in his bed. I'm afraid the newness has sort of already worn off though, he informed me this morning that he gets lonely at night and that's why he comes to visit Daddy and I! I just try to keep in mind that he will only be little for a short time and someday will want nothing to do w/ co-sleeping... at least I hope so!

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