Sunday, February 21, 2010

NoGood Intentions

Have I mentioned how totally excited I am about becoming an aunt again?! This will make niece/nephew number three! It's almost as exciting as having one of your own! Jaxon is really excited too. He seems to believe that Traci's baby resides in our garden shed... where he got this idea is beyond me but funny none the less! Yesterday he asked me how Traci's baby was going to come out.... I told him to go ask his father!
I have been dreaming a lot lately about "Baby" Meier and had to share this unbelievable tale from the other night! I dreamt that Traci had had the baby and that it was a boy... (Jaxon is convinced that it's a boy because Uncle Tony has only "boy toys" at this house)! They wanted us family members to be surprised so they waited for us to get to the hospital before they shared "his" name w/ us. When we all arrived at the hospital the conditions were far from anything I would consider "normal". The postpartum room was basically a waiting room for new parents nestled inside the cafeteria of all places.
As we walked into the room, Traci announced "Baby's" name to us.... NoGood Intentions Meier! We were all busy picking our jaws up off the floor when we started asking, "why?" Her response was, "since it was a boy, I felt Tony should have the ultimate decision. His other choice was Kevin Hick Meier, and I thought NoGood was a lot cuter."
I really hope that this is not a sign that the names my brother has picked out are completely crazy! Traci has shared a few w/ me and none of them even compare to NoGood Intentions so we will just have to wait and see what name they will pick for "Baby"!
I have been so lucky to have been apart of helping to ready "Baby's" room! Here are a few pictures I took over the weekend...

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