Monday, February 1, 2010

Jaxon's ArtBoard ~ January 2010

One thing I've learned from spending less time crafting and more time exercising, is that the ArtBoard suffers! We didn't do a whole lot in January as far as paper and scissors go. We spent much more time playing w/ new toys from Christmas and watching Mommy's calorie intake!

One new thing that you will see added to our ArtBoard every month is "the Letter of the Month"! I had planned on doing a "letter of the week", but decided that baby steps were in order. We started out simple with the letter A. Santa brought Jaxon some new Thomas the Train flash cards, so we put the A's up on the fridge and talked about them everyday after breakfast. (Some days more than others!)

We also made a few flashcards of our own! I simply cut out pictures from old Parents magazines that I had laying around, (anything I could find that started with the letter A). Gave Jaxon a few blank sheets of paper, the bottle of glue, the magazine clippings and had him glue them on to the blank sheets. While he was busy gluing we discussed the object in the picture.

We are in our countdown to PreSchool phase so I felt it was important to start introducing the alphabet. We've got our B flashcards up for the month and will be squeezing a few new flashcards out as well as lots of cute Valentine's crafts! Watch for next month's ArtBoard... I promise to do better w/ the crafts!

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