Friday, February 11, 2011

Mailing Valentines

We have been busy little beavers at our house this week getting ready for Valentine's Day! Jaxon & his class have also been busy preparing for the sweetest day of the year at PreSchool too! Since we have lots of new friends this year, we decided to make homemade Valentines.

(This was Jaxon's idea. I would have been completely fine w/ buying the SpongeBob ones we looked at at Wal-Mart, but he wanted Monster Truck Valentine's and we couldn't find any! He asked if we could make our own at that point & I couldn't exactly turn him down!)
The theme at PreSchool the past 2 weeks has been "Mailing Valentines". The kids all made a special Valentine for a special someone and yesterday, got to mail that Valentine on their field trip to the Post Office in Linn. Jaxon was so excited about going to the Post Office! He had been telling us all week how he was going to mail Maddox's special Valentine. So I guess Max can expect his first Valentine in the mail! The picture above is of the PreSchoolers standing infront of the mailboxes... Jaxon is in the tan coveralls. They were pulled across town on sleds to the Post Office by their teacher and another Mom! I'm not sure which part was more fun... the Post Office or the sledding?!?!

Here they all are lining up to mail their Valentines. What a fun way to learn all about our postal service!

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