Wednesday, February 2, 2011


If there's one thing I could change about being a Mom, it'd be the dreaded "ouchie" (or shot) experience! If it were up to me they would all be given orally in flavors such as cherry, bubble gum or cotton candy! I know it's important for our young ones to be vaccinated and I do it to keep my little ones healthy, but must it be such a scary, painful way to keep them safe?!
Max got his first round of "ouchies" last week. He did remarkably well considering Mommy spent all morning worrying about what was to come. He sat there on my lap smiling and cooing, flirting w/ the nurse right up to the point of impact! The crying lasted only a few minutes and as a nursed him I apologized for the pain and promised one day he'd be rewarded w/ a slushy like big brother!
Jaxon insisted on being the one to pull the Band-Aids off before their bath that evening. (In the picture above, that's what he's doing.) Max bounced back much faster than Jaxon ever has from the experience and I guess I should just keep reminding myself of that when we get ready to go back for more. After all, it's much easier to hold down a 13 pounder than the 50 pounder!!!

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