Friday, February 4, 2011

The Things We Do For Love

Now I realize this is probably way too much information, even for me, but if it helps another Mommy, then it'll be worth the humiliation of what I am about to type!

Poor Max has had a clogged tear duct since birth. I keep telling myself, "It'll go away!" But we wake up every morning to the same thing... a poohy eye! I've spoke to the doctor about it several times, she keeps telling me the same thing... warm compress and lots of massaging. Everyday for the past 3 months and some odd days, I've started my day off by doctoring Max's poor, poohy eye! Throughout the day, I clean the area and massage every time I nurse him. His poor little bean is as dry as sandpaper because of all the warm compresses!

So I decided to start doing a little research on the issue. I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to what I read online, after all, this is his eye we are talking about. I don't exactly want to make my child go blind because of some old wives tale I've read on the Internet! Most of the information I have been able to find says to continue doing what I have been doing and eventually it will go away on it's own. But there was always another suggestion that kept coming up that I thought sounded a bit crazy at first!

Since this idea kept popping up in my online research, I decided to ask around. I figured if it were as crazy as it sounded the individuals I asked would have no problem telling me so! I finally got up the nerve to call the doctor's office and request to talk to the nurse, again! I explained to her my frustration and asked her to be completely honest w/ me on whether or not she would try this on her own child. Since the nurse I was speaking to has no children of her own she said she'd be happy to ask the doctor and return my call.
When the nurse called back she explained that what I had read wasn't crazy and the doctor thought it'd be worth a try. She went on to explain that while it probably wouldn't completely unclog the tear duct, it would kill off any infection and clear up the snotty, green, pussy, poohy stuff that drains from the eye!

With the doctor's blessing, I preformed an at-home procedure on my little Max that will one day have him wanting to die at the mere thought of it! As Jaxon and I were playing Batman & the Joker this afternoon, I decided to go ahead and give the procedure a try. Max got hungry in the middle of our comic book heroes battle so I did what I always do when he gets hungry, I nursed him. When he was all finished, I sprayed a little breast milk into his poohy eye... told you this is way too much info!!! Jaxon asked what I was doing, because he witnessed the whole awkward procedure, so I told him that Max was pretending to be the Penguin and that the Joker, (me), was spraying "silly juice" in his eyes to keep him from stealing my weapon!

Don't worry, I also explained to him that only the Joker, (aka Mommy), has the power of the "silly juice" and that no one, I mean no one is to ever put anything in Max's eyes!!! He then asked if I'd spray Batman, (him), w/ the "silly juice"!!!

"Sorry Buddy, the "silly juice" only works on the Penguin! And no you can't be the Penguin!!!"


April said...

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Jen - LifeWithLevi said...

You gotta finish the story - did it work? I hear all the time that breast milk has all kinds of uses, like helping with stuffy noses or clearing up ear infections.

Either way, I hope your little guy is feeling better. Thanks so much for linking up to this week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop. I'm a new GFC follower :)