Friday, May 13, 2011

The BIG Field Trip

Jaxon's PreSchool class went on their final field trip of the year yesterday. For their BIG trip Mrs. Amy chose two really fun locations in Lincoln, NE. The class started their trip by visiting an indoor playground called Lost In Fun. Jaxon asked several times if he would really be getting lost there and was a little nervous about me not going for fear that he might really need to be found!

He quickly discovered that he wouldn't be needing rescuing and must have really enjoyed the foam pits because he went on and on about them when he got home.

Jaxon & his good buddy Aiden swimming in the sea of foam!

The second part of their BIG trip was spent at The Lincoln Children's Museum. Jaxon & I had spent some time researching these two locations before they went so he could see what was in store for the class. He was really excited about the prarie dog holes and couldn't wait to find out if they could climb inside them... as you can see they were big enough to climb in and apparently you also needed to be in costume for this part!!!

Costume change!

Transportation was a BIG hit w/ this male dominated class!
Fire trucks, baggage carriers, airplanes & semi trucks were crowded w/ little guys in Linn Lutheran t-shirts!

And after their many travels the kids made a stop at the grocery store to pick up some supper! Jaxon & his friend Cody must really enjoy shopping together... this is the second time now that they've been grocery shopping together!

Astronaut Jaxon suited up for his first space flight... hope ground control was ready for a wild ride!

Here are 5 out of the 7 PreSchoolers taking advantage of a much needed rest in the BIG red chair... what a fun way to end a fun day and even more fun year!

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