Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jaxon's 1st Track Meet

I've never been a big fan of sitting at track meets. It's always hot, usually windy and I find myself spending most of my time waiting for it to be over! So when I got the newsletter from Jaxon's school stating that he and his classmates would be participating in their annual track meet, I wasn't real excited!

Being a first-timer Mom I didn't have a clue as to what was going on... Jaxon wasn't any help! I asked him what events he'd be competing in and he looked at me puzzled and said, "What's a track meet?" Not knowing what to expect we packed our lunch and headed out the door.

Here are some highlights from our day!

Here are the PreSchoolers warming up... Mrs. Amy looks about as confused as I was!

Here's Mrs. Amy explaining to the kids what they were doing for their 1st event.

Their first event was kicking a soccor ball into laundry baskets... Jaxon's turns usually ended in the upsetting of the baskets!

Sharing some encouraging hugs while waiting their turn to throw the ball next in the football/baseball toss.

The obstackle course was a fun way for the kiddos to get some wiggles out!

Here is Jaxon in mid summersault!

Moving on to the balance beam!

If they had offered Limbo as an event when I was a kid at these track meets I would have signed up! Instead all we got to do was throw a softball threw a tire!

Here's Jaxon waiting patiently for Riana to finish her turn!

Most of the kids did army crawls toward the end to make it under the bottom rung... Jaxon did his army crawl all the way back to the back of the line!

Standing long jump was the final field event of the day. Here's Jaxon getting ready to jump!

Here he is in mid-jump....

and here he is landing in the pit!

The best event by far was the sack race! Here are the kiddos all lined up and ready to race!

All of the kids recieved "partcipant" ribbons for their efforts... they were all very excited!

Here's Jaxon holding his ribbon!

Believe it or not I'm actually looking forward to next year's meet! Who knew track meets could be so much fun?!

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