Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Very Bad, Terrible, Awful Crappy Day


I can't really think of anything worse than cleaning up puke off the dining room floor during supper! OK, maybe having to clean it up off of the carpeted floor would have been worse!

What a way to end a crappy day!

Waking up to two boys smashed between Hubby and I in our king sized bed yesterday wasn't exactly my idea of a refreshing start. Max generally wakes up there anyhow but Jaxon has been doing really good at staying where he belongs in the wee hours of the night. You know you're tired when you don't even realize they've crawled in bed w/ you! And after fighting w/ Jaxon about his lack of eating at the breakfast table I was more than relieved to ship him off to school.

Max of course continued his reign of terror after we got home from dropping his brother off and managed to keep me from getting anything done. I was having a more than feeling sorry for myself pitty party when I looked at the clock and realized it was already time to go get Jaxon. Oh happy day!

It had been raining and there were giant puddles under all of the swings on the playground. What is it about little kids and puddles?! He immediately headed for the swings and ran straight through all 3 puddles soaking his only pair of shoes fit for cold and rainy days!

After dragging him to the car kicking and screaming because he didn't want to leave we managed to make it home just in time for him to complain about what we were having for dinner!

When everyone was done grumbling about lunch I decided to sneak off to the shower for some much needed down time since it'd been a few days but was rudely interrupted by my mouthy 4 year old who informed me that he'd be joining me! After a "coming to Jesus meeting" w/ him in his bedroom I ended up having to take that much needed shower w/ both my boys because Daddy had to get back to work... GRRRRRR!

Later we headed to town for Max's 6 month "well check" where his Dr. informed me that he'd only gained a pound and a 1/2 since his appointment 3 months earlier. I wanted to bawl! I do nothing but feed that child all day & night... he should have gained at least 30 pounds!!! Sure I may not be the best Mommy in the world but skipping meals is not even an option at my house... heck, they eat better than I do!

Since Big Brother was being a good boy I rewarded him w/ a trip to the library where he ironically picked a book called, "NO, I Want Daddy!" Immediately afterwards we headed straight over to Soinic so Mommy could drown her sorrows in a large Diet Vanilla Cherry Coke and kiss up to one her boys and fatten up the other by treating them to a chocolate shake!

That brings us to the beginning of the end! Feeling guilty about our "coming to Jesus meeting" earlier I decided to ask Jaxon to pick what he wanted for supper. Considering the fact that my son needs a bracelet like the diabetics wear, only on his explaining his issues w/ chicken nuggets, I should have known that would be a bad idea! I even called it while feeding Max that he'd probably end up throwing his choice of supper back up anyway! And since supper time is my time to vent to Daddy about my day and vice versa, neither one of us thought anything of it when Jaxon (who has water aversions), asked for a drink of water!

What came next ruined eating supper for me... which is OK since I blew my calories on my huge Sonic drink earlier! And my dining room floor needed a mopping something terrible, plus Daddy was forced to help which sometimes is the only way I can get him to. So as awful as it was to clean up the puke... it was a blessing in disguise! Only a Mommy can say puke can be a blessing!

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