Friday, May 13, 2011

Dreading Summer Break

Ok, I'll admit it, the idea of my 4 year old being home from school, every day for the next 3 months is causing me serious anxiety! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but Tuesdays and Fridays for the past 10 months haven't exactly been our brightest days! (Tuesdays & Fridays are Jaxon's days off from PreSchool in case you were wondering!)

The one thing I am NOT going to miss about PreSchool this summer is picking him up from PreSchool! I love taking him to school! Watching him go running down the stairs into his classroom, greeting his teacher and friends, leaving feeling as though he is about to have what he will tell me later was a "great" day! But the minute it's time for "Brother" & I to get back in the car to go pick him up I begin feeling that heavy feeling of dread that comes over me on school days, anticipating the ongoing fight to get Jaxon in the car!

The fight is always the same. "I don't want to leave!" "I want to stay and play w/ my friends!" "They need me Mom!" "Our house is boring!" "Can't (fill in any one of his 6 classmates names, it changes everyday) come over today?" This goes on the entire way home and some days through our lunch period. He then gets over it and gets on with his day as though the fight never happened. I, on the other hand, sit and fume about this daily occurrence and vent to anyone who will listen.

I know he gets bored, I get it, so do I some days! I know he misses his friends, so do I some days! I know it's been hard for him at times to share his time w/ me, w/ his brother... it's been hard for me too! Explaining all of this to him is not only impossible but a huge waste of time!

So in an effort to try and keep us from killing each other this summer I have decided to try and do some special Mommy/Jaxon Days where I take just Jaxon or Jaxon & a friend on a little outting! Other than spending everyday at the pool and the park... what are some ways to keep us from going completely insane this summer?!

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