Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Fun

As it turns out Summer hasn't been all that bad... as long as we stay busy that is! Here's what we've been up to the past 2 weeks!

Last weekend we took Max on his 1st trip to the Zoo Park. The boys & I decided that we need a few baby goats to add to our petting farm here at home!

Here is Daddy, Max & Jaxon going down the slide!

Later that weekend Jaxon requested that I cover him in sand... here is waiting to escape!

On Friday night our friends Becky & Anthony, or "the fun one" & the awesome one" as Jaxon likes to call them, came for a visit from Texas. Mommy, "Aunt" Becky & the boys spent lots of time doing what Mommy & the boys do everyday while Daddy & "Uncle" Anthony headed out to play golf. Becky even got to go to a birthday party w/ us and got to experience a playdate!

We spent lots of time building castles, playing in the sand pile, going for walks and even taking naps! Mommy needs "the fun one" to come more often! We all had a great time and hope after spending a few days around these lil' monsters that they'll come back again!

Thanks "Aunt" Becky for playing w/ us & thanks to "Uncle" Anthony for taking our Daddy on a playdate... he needed that!

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