Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day the Motherhood Way

One of my favorite things about being a Mommy is watching my little ones eyes light up! To kick off our Mother's Day Weekend I surprised the boys w/ a trip to a new park in our neighborhood! And boy, oh boy did those little peepers twinkle!!!

Jaxon has been learning all about music at PreSchool for the past 2 weeks so this extra cool contraption was right up his alley. Using rubber mallets, kids can make beautiful music by striking the wooden and metal bars placed on this piece by a company called Jaxon played me a special Mother's Day tune!

The park is split into 2 areas, one for kids ages 2-5 and the other ages 5-12. Jaxon enjoyed going back and forth from one area to the other. Both sides offer lots of cool things for kids to try. Jaxon was immediately drawn to this wooden B-17 airplane placed in the middle of a sand pile. He told me he'd sure like to have one of those in his sand pile at home!

And for a child who absolutely LOVES playing "McDonald's" this was a fave of the day! Jaxon spent lots of time inside this little playhouse taking my order!

Max gave the baby swings a test run but quickly decided he liked his car swing at Grandma's much better!

They both really enjoyed being able to swing here together! Mommy has decided we need one of these at home!

While playing we noticed a name we recognized etched on one of the fence posts inside the park! Before we left we decided to take a picture next to it to say a special thanks to our friend for helping to make this fun, new park possible for us to play in! Thanks Dylan!

Hope you all have a great Mother's Day!

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