Monday, September 28, 2009

Duct Tape Body Cast

Today wasn't any different than any other day here at home. We woke up this morning to a beautiful fall day, had some jelly toast, watched some Dinosaur Train, did some laundry, dishes, pet chores, the usual. Jaxon was out the door to explore pretty early on so I had a chance to sit and play for a few minutes and after the day we had yesterday, Mommy-Time was much needed!

After lunch we picked up our totally trashed basement and headed back outside to enjoy the rest of our day together. There wasn't much animal talking that had to be done today, that is until Jaxon stumbled across "Scary Guy"! If you've been following my blog you may remember me mentioning that "Scary Guy" was our first of rubbery friends and that Kent hit him with the mower a month or so ago!

Right before coming in to make supper tonight I asked Jaxon to help me water the gourds that I planted right behind our house. He has helped many times with this and had never noticed his mangled friend in the bottom of the milk can I have in my flower bed directly in front of the water spout... this time was different! As I picked the water filled ice cream bucket up from the top of the milk can I had been resting it on, I noticed Jaxon staring into the bottom of that can w/ a look of total terror! He reached in and pulled out the tattered, rubbery lizard he had once loved so much.

I wasn't quite sure what to say but before I could say anything he looked at me and said, "Can you fix him Mom, with tape?" We ran inside, grabbed the roll of duct tape and began mending the torn in half, back legs missing, no more beady stuffing, rubbery friend. Luckily, he was pleased with the duct tape body cast that's holding "Scary Guy" together. He is now resting peacefully w/ his badly injured friend!

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