Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Adorable Niece

There are many stories to share about my little munchkin Jaxon, but there's another little person in my life who I adore as though she is my own, and that's my niece Mackensi! She and Jaxon are only 3 months apart and are double trouble as a pair! I do not desire ever to be the mother of multiples but spending time with these two (almost) 3 year olds is a hoot!

Last winter, Mackensi was spending the day w/ Jaxon & I when she said something to me that to this day still has me in stitches every time I think about it. We were all outside playing when I hear Mackensi calling for me. "Manny, Manny, HELP!" I am less than a foot behind her and I can see that she is stuck between to very tall weeds, (ones that Jaxon has trampled through many times). As I approach her and begin to release her from her weed trap I say, "Oh Punkin, are you alright?" She looks at me as serious as a heart attack and says, "I not Punkin, I Mackensi Meier!"

This little lady has a pretty good grasp (at a very young age) of who she is and what she is all about and I love that! I am excited to become an Aunt again, Mackensi's Mommy and Daddy (my brother) will welcome the newest member of our family in October. I, myself, am selfishly hoping to have a nephew (since I don't have one) but also so Jaxon has a little boy cousin to play with too!

My Mom called this afternoon and asked if Jaxon and I were free to come visit, Mackensi was at her house! I excitedly told Jaxon the news and asked if he'd like to go see her. He had a hard time getting his Crocs on he was so excited! As I was helping him to get them on he told me he thought Mackensi was a very pretty girl and asked if he could pick her a flower! I almost cried... what a sweet little guy! When we got outside I asked which flower he'd like to pick for her but at that point he just wanted to get over there!

While we were there my Mom had to go pick up my sister from volleyball so we all got to ride along. The two little ones were all buckled up in the back carrying on conversations of only God knows what, when I hear in the sweetest little voice, Jason Aldean's "Big Green Tractor"! Word for word, my adorable niece was singing her heart out!

It comes as no surprise to me really! For any of you that know my brother Dusty, he is a die hard John Deere tractor fan! Since this is a song that is near and dear to Jaxon & I as well, I found her singing to be some of the sweetest I've ever heard! Watch out Taylor Swift, Mackensi Meier is up and coming!

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