Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grandparents Day

Every year we celebrate Mother's and Father's Day but seem to let Grandparents Day go unnoticed. While giving Jaxon his bath this morning in preparation for church I asked him if he knew what today was. His response was simple and sweet "it's church day Mommy". I of course agreed and told him he was right but said "did you know that it's also Grandparents Day?" He looked at me a little puzzled and asked what that meant. I went on to explain that we have a day set aside every year celebrating Mommys and Daddys and that today was similar but we'd be celebrating having Grandpas & Grandmas instead.

Jaxon is blessed to have several Grandparents in his life. I thought all day about getting the camera out and taking some special pictures to send to the Grandparents on their special day. Before I knew it supper was finishing up, the last bath for the day had been given and he was asking to go to bed... the camera never got used! I take thousands of pictures and share loads of stories but what better gift than that of a blog to keep those Grandpas and Grandmas up to date on little, everyday comments.

Hope you Grandparents all enjoy this simple gift of toddler gab!

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