Monday, September 14, 2009

Lost in Translation

It's not very common for Kent to have to do the translating in our family, most of the time he's asking me, "what did he say?" On our way home from church yesterday Kent became the translator. We had been discussing how good Jaxon had been. I'm not even sure when in the conversation this came out but it was one of those comments I new I must write down.

Jaxon looks at me and says, "I prayed Mommy!" I said, "You did? So did Mommy. Do you know what Mommy prayed for?" He asked so I told him that I had prayed that God would give him a baby brother or sister someday.I asked him if he'd like that, his response was, "No!" So I then asked what he had prayed for. "I prayed for candy! I prayed in my wagon for candy!"

That's when Kent "the translator" ques me in on what he was really trying to say. Earlier that morning while I was getting ready Jaxon had been watching Max & Ruby, they were having a parade w/ their wagons, people were throwing candy!

If it hadn't been for Kent's help I would have kept on believing that he really had prayed for candy during church!

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