Monday, September 14, 2009

"Poop" Training

There isn't much that I don't love about being a Mommy but when it comes to "Poop" Training, I am NOT a fan! I have been Potty Training now for almost a year! With our next child I have already decided that when he/she gives me the signs that he/she is ready, so is Mommy. Being a first timer, naturally, I went w/ the advice given by Jaxon's doctor. It was her advice that prompted me to start after the 2nd Birthday. All my friends kept telling me "when he's ready, it'll happen." After committing to this whole mess I felt I had no choice but to keep on truck'in and not give up.

A few weeks ago I was at the point of quitting, he had had numerous accidents and I was over the whole cleaning poop out of underpants thing! Last weekend while at home for 3 days w/ Daddy, Jaxon decided it was time to be a big boy and pooped on the toilet for his Daddy!

After all this time, instead of being excited and overly joyed, I was pissed!!! That Daddy hasn't so much as cleaned out a pair of poopy pants since diaper days... why would Jaxon do this for him and not me?! A week later I am over being mad at Dad and loving the fact that Jaxon is now, finally after almost a year, poop'in on the toilet for me too!

Hearing the words "Mom, I gotta POOP", are the sweetest words this child could utter at this time in our lives. Who would have thought, I might just meet my goal of being trained by the 3rd Birthday!


Ann said...

We haven't quite started the whole potty thing yet. He goes a couple times a day but I'm dreading it and the pooping thing!!! Congrats that you've made it though!!!:-)

Amanda said...

You'll do great Ann! With a little patience and a lot of bribing... it'll happen!