Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Sea of Wal-Mart

Jaxon has never really had a security "blanket". Not that we haven't tried to attach him to something other than his Thomas the Train sippy cup (that he insists on sleeping next to at night)! We tried pretty early on to put stuffed animals in bed w/ him and for a short time we did manage to get him to sleep w/ a friend we called "Sleepy Bear". Once we switched him to a toddler bed, "Sleepy Bear" sort of lost his appeal.

When he realized that he could get out of his bed and climb into Mommy & Daddy's (at times unnoticed), "Sleepy Bear" got ditched totally. Quite often we will find other friends sleeping next to us and some of these friends are not so soft.

Jaxon has always loved those rubbery, realistic animals you can find at Target and Wal-Mart in the dollar aisles. His first rubbery friend was a lizard he named "Scary Guy". He recently was hit by our lawnmower (very sad)! Luckily we had "Scary Guy 2"! Right now, his other friends a grey shark, an orca, an iguana a.k.a. "Scary Guy 2" and a chameleon are our bedfellows.

This morning we were "talking w/ the animals", I was the orca and the orca asked Jaxon - the grey shark, "Where are you from? The Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean, the Indian ocean or the Red Sea?" He responded with this... "I from the Wal-Mart sea!"

I love his honesty! To him, everything comes from Wal-Mart so why would it be any different this time?!

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