Saturday, September 12, 2009

StoryTime w/ the Calves

I have read to Jaxon since he was in the belly. After Kent & I felt those first kicks we headed off to Barnes N' Noble to purchase our first board books. We chose "The Runaway Bunny" (for those of you with kids I'm sure you know the book). I have read that book to him hundreds of times and can pretty much recite it by heart.

About a month ago Jaxon & I were out doing chores when he asked me if it'd be alright if he go back in and get something from inside. I didn't think too much of it, I thought he was probably just after some trucks to dig in the dirt with. I continued pulling my weeds and didn't even look to see what he'd gone in after when he came back out. He headed straight for the fence and under he went. He has been told a thousand times that he isn't allowed in the fence unless Daddy, Mommy, or an adult is with him... he doesn't listen too good!!! Anyway, I let it slide this time since I was standing right there and could watch him close. It was then that I noticed what he had gone in after.

He sat down on the ground next to one of the smallest of our herd. I watched him read aloud (as best as one who does not know how to read can) "The Runaway Bunny"! My first thought was to run in after my camera but instead stood back and watched, I knew this was a moment I might not get back. When he was finished he said in the sweetest little voice "my Mommy read the bunny when I was in the belly... now I read the bunny to you babies"!

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