Monday, June 6, 2011

Bedtime Fairy

I don't know about you, but I am constantly bribing my child! I bribe when we grocery shop, I bribe during church, I bribe while doing something as simple as using the toilet! But by far the most bribed time of day is at bedtime!

Jaxon's never been a good sleeper and if you follow my blog you probably already knew that. Max is following in his Big Brother's footsteps rather nicely so in order for Daddy & I to get any sleep at night, Mommy created the Bedtime Fairy!

I'm not above using mythical creatures to keep my kid in his own bed. I figure if the Tooth Fairy can get away w/ it why couldn't the Bedtime Fairy?! So for every night that Jaxon stays in his bed ALL night, he receives a coin whether it be a penny or a quarter, he is rewarded. We also plan to use this stash as a college fund... it may only amount to enough to pay for his 1st day in college at the rate he's going, but hey, it's better than nothing!

This morning Jaxon comes out to the kitchen and says to me, "Mom, look... the Bedtime Fairy left me 2 coins!" I reply that he must have been a really good sleeper last night and continue on w/ my dish washing. He asks then if I'd come to his room and show him where to stick his sticker on his calendar, (also a bribe as well as a reminder that if he stays in his bed all month he gets a special treat). I go in and sit next to him on his bed where he proudly starts showing me his coins.

"Look Mom, this one has a picture of my school on it..."

"...and on the front is a picture of our Pastor!"

Trying not to laugh I say... "Wow, that's a special coin! Wonder why our Pastor's picture is on there?"

Jaxon: "Because he's old and the Bedtime Fairy only puts pictures of old people on her coins!"

Me: "So why's your school on the back?"

Jaxon: "Because it's old too!"

I didn't have the heart to correct him. If he believes that Pastor looks like Thomas Jefferson and that the Monticello resembles his school, and it gets him to stay in his bed as well as into a good college, who am I to suggest otherwise?!

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