Friday, June 3, 2011

It's A Bird, It's A Plane... It's Actually a Turkey Buzzard

Jaxon is obsessed w/ eagles! He thinks anything w/ a set of wings (other than an airplane), is an eagle. For some reason that is entirely unknown to me, our community has an over population of turkey buzzards! Jaxon started spotting them some time ago and points them out every time he sees one which ends up being at least a half a dozen times a day.

At first I tried explaining to him that these creatures of the air were in fact turkey buzzards, not eagles, but after the first handful of arguments I decided that battle was best left as a victory to him. Besides if he thinks those winged carnivores are in fact majestic birds, why not let him be in awe for the time being!

Above our small town the turkey buzzards are constantly circling. Since Daddy's work is in town he sees the "eagles" all of the time. Jaxon was thrilled when Daddy brought home an "eagle" feather for him from work the other day.

Two weeks ago on "Library Wednesday", Jaxon picked out a book called "Running Owl the Hunter", (he picked the book because there was an eagle on the cover). In the story Running Owl goes hunting for an eagle so he can collect a feather to wear in his hair so that he will look more like his father who is a hunter.

Jaxon has been trying to come up w/ a way to get that "eagle" feather that Daddy brought home from work, in his hair. If he ever figures it out I'll be sure to post a picture of Running Jaxon the "turkey buzzard" hunter!

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