Friday, June 10, 2011

June is Dairy Month

June is Dairy Month... have you hugged a heifer today? Being the daughter of a dairy farmer has it's perks... for one, there's always a petting farm down the road or in our case, the backyard! Jaxon has always loved going over to "the cow house" (aka the home of the baby calves) to help feed.

It'd been awhile since we'd gone over to see the nursery full of bawling babes so yesterday afternoon the boys & I went over to lend a helping hand. Jaxon asked me to take this picture of him with the newest baby.

And of course I couldn't pass up a picture perfect moment such as this! Here's Max letting a baby suck on his tiny hand... PRICELESS!

Take some time this month to explain to you kids where their cup of chocolate milk came from or better yet, take them on a tour of a local dairy farm and show them!

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