Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Max - 8 months

Dear Max,

I wish 8 months ago I'd thought of this but I was pretty busy and my head wasn't always working quite right. A lot has changed since the day you were born. You are into everything now! It won't be long and you'll be crawling! We keep trying everyday, Jaxon can't wait for you to chase him around! Deep down as much as we'd all love to see it happen I'm grateful you haven't started yet... our house isn't quite ready for that!

Your good friend Alyssa asked me the other day what you really like doing these days and the first thing that came to mind was eating paper! If I let you, you'd be completely content to eat the mail and nothing else! As you can see Jaxon's having to hold the "month" signs these days during our photo shoots!

You & I went for our first "alone stroll" the other night. Jaxon decided to stay home with Daddy. On our stroll we saw a coyote... that was pretty exciting and boy was Brother jealous when we came home and told him about it! The next night he insisted that he go too and that we all bring a pair of binoculars... you just chewed on yours!

We've been playing in the water a lot lately to stay cool. We even went through the sprinkler the other day... you sure liked that! You & Jaxon have a new game you like to play together. Jaxon chases you (and vice versa) around the kitchen in your TotRider. It sure is fun for Mommy to hear you both giggle together!

Just like your Big Brother (when he was your age) you enjoy getting in the trash... you'd think you two were part raccoon! I'm pretty much convinced you are going to be either a trash man or a dentist when you grow up... when your not trying to get in the trash can you're digging in some one's mouth!

Well, you just peed on me again! You've got a diaper rash and Mommy's been lett'in you go bottomless a little here and there to heal it up. Guess I'll end on that note!

Until next month... love MOMMY

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