Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventures at the Sunset Zoo

Shopping with small children is stressful! School shopping w/ them is even worse! In an effort to make school shopping more bearable for all of us we decided to treat the boys with a trip to the Sunset Zoo. Since we've been having much nicer weather lately and the crashed computer depleted our vacation fund, we thought we'd try and make 1 BIG day trip out of 3 major tasks... computer shopping, school shopping and animal viewing! What was I thinking?!?!?! Clearly I was not!
Things started out rather smoothly. The boys managed to make it more than half way through the zoo w/out a major meltdown. We stopped at the halfway point for a water/snack break on a shaded bench right across from the bald eagle exhibit... Jaxon's favorite bird! Things went from peaceful and serene to, well lets just say not so peaceful and serene, all thanks to the gift shop located conveniently smack dab in the middle of the park! After a short bump in the road, we were back on track for the rest of the day at the zoo! Here are some highlights from our time at the zoo! 

This was taken two years ago, the first time we took Jaxon to the Sunset Zoo.

Jaxon hates pink... it's a girl color! He told me he thought the flamingos were pretty cool even though they are pink!
Jaxon pointing to his favorite bird, the bald eagle!
Jaxon & Maddox taking their water/snack break!

Here's Jaxon checking out the maned wolf he affectionately named "Wolfy"!

Max seemed to like the giant anteater!

This was Max's first trip to a zoo... he had a really good time!

Jaxon's favorite exhibit was... can you guess?! That's right, the poison dart frogs!

Here he is showing Daddy the green and black poison frog.
I took a picture on this very same bench two years ago...

... things have changed just a bit! Jaxon has grown, Mommy & Daddy have shrunk a bit and we added lil's Max to our pack!

It was a great family outing that I hope we can do again soon... the zoo part, not the school shopping!!! 

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