Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PreSchool Theme - Color Exploration

I'm so excited to begin another year of "at-home lessons" with Jaxon! Color Exploration is the first theme for the new PreSchool year. One great way to teach your kids about color is by talking about rainbows and the colors they are made of.

Jaxon began our lesson this morning by teaching me a song he learned from a show on PBS called The Cat in the Hat... red, orange, yellow, green, followed by blue, then we go into violet, that's the rainbow song for you! Take a listen!

After our music lesson, Jaxon painted a beautiful picture of a rainbow using what he remembered from his song to get the colors in the correct order. Here he is painting his rainbow! 

We concluded our "at-home lesson" this morning by making "Coffee Filter Sun Catchers". This is a great way for kids to learn how to mix colors to get new ones! For directions on how to make your own "Coffee Filter Sun Catchers"... see the link below!

Read more: Color Experiments for Children | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8609857_color-experiments-children.html#ixzz1WWP26odG


Jenna said...

Very fun! Do you have a curriculum you follow?

Amanda said...

I follow along with the theme his teacher picks for the class. Last year we just did crafts and picked books and science experiments that went w/ the theme. This year I hope to throw in some spelling and math activities as well. It's really fun to follow along with what he's learning at PreSchool!

Jenna said...

I see! That is a great idea!!!

Vicky said...

I have all the things to make those cute coffee filter sun catchers. Can't wait to do this with my girls. He looks like he is having a ball.

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