Saturday, August 27, 2011

Urge to Purge

Every couple of months or so I get this overwhelming urge to purge! I love to sort and organize, (you'd never know it by the looks of my house), but there's something so satisfying about throwing things out and making more room for, well, more stuff! 

In our master bedroom we have an open closet or a closet w/out a door. A man had to have come up with that genius idea! I mean really, who wants all their crap spilling out for the whole world to see? At least with a door you can pretend to have nicely folded jeans and shirts all hung in rows! 

Since I'm one of those Mommy's who occasionally enjoys a good hide inside the closet, this makes things difficult! So in an effort to keep a lid on what really is all my Hubby's crap,and make more space in my hideout from the kids, I once again decided it was time to purge the closet. 

I always go in guns blaz'in! I get my trash bags ready and at first am chucking things like a crazy person. But slowly I begin finding things that I haven't seen in the past 8 years or more and so begins my trip down memory lane... this is when what should have taken an hour turns into several hours! 

I came across a stack of pictures from me & Hubby's honeymoon. (Now I won't bore you with all the nitty, gritty details but we had a pretty exciting trip to Mexico!) Hurricane Wilma basically destroyed our honeymoon in a nutshell! So as you can imagine, I don't exactly have an album sitting on the coffee table devoted to the memories of that nightmare!!!

In the stack of pictures were more images of a mangled island then you can imagine but also there was an image of an iguana that we saw strolling through the resort the first and only day we had to enjoy our trip. I immediately thought to myself, "I have to show this to Jaxon!" I called him back to our room and showed him the picture and answered about 5000 questions he had about the image. He started talking about how if he'd been there and seen that iguana he'd have picked him up and brought him home.

Me: "You would have tried to smuggle an iguana home from Mexico?" 
Jaxon: "I would have "snuggled" him all the way home, Mom!"

Needless to say, my closet is still be purged 24 hours later! Hopefully today I'll be able to keep myself from showing Jaxon any more pictures and finish the task at hand!!!  

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Jenna said...

O man. There is nothing more satisfying than purging stuff! I do it quite often. My goal is usually to get rid of 50 things. I always end up with more. I go a little overboard sometimes, so now my husband asks to see my purge pile before I donate all of it :)