Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Max - 10 months

Dear Max,

I hope you'll understand one day when I go to explain to you why Jaxon's life has been filmed from day one and yours, well, not so much, that it's not because I didn't love you just as much, I was just a little strapped for time those first few months. We've been spending a lot of time lately going back in time and watching our home movies from when Jaxon was little, like you. It's lit a fire under this old Mama's butt and inspired her to get the video camera out a little more.

You've been a busy little guy this past month. You are crawling all over the house, climbing everything and sprouting teeth like crazy! Jaxon brushed your teeth for you for the first time this morning, (should have been taping that), you did really well, considering! You even started pushing your lil' buggy around this week which means you'll probably be walking on your own soon!

You LOVE to bite! And I know you're not going to like it but if you keep it up, you're getting weaned sooner than planned! You drew blood the other day... NOT GOOD!!! Jaxon didn't think it was funny but the other day you bit him on the buns... Mommy thought it was hilarious which made Brother even more mad! You even like to bite yourself! Your new nickname is "Sharktooth"!

You're not picky when it comes to chow! You'll eat just about anything that the rest of us eat. Mama let you try your first sample of peanut butter this week, yes I know you are supposed to be at least a year old to eat PB but it's not like you ate half the jar.

We are counting down the days till Jaxon goes back to PreSchool. Mama & Brother are very ready... you on the other hand are going to be lost! Mama promises to play lots so that you don't get too bored and miss Brother too much and he'll be home for lunch and in the afternoon so you'll have someone to play w/ again. Maybe it'd be a good time for you to take your nap... you know, those things you don't do much of!!!

Until next month, love... Mommy

Maddox - August 18, 2001,10 months (Notice our back to PreSchool countdown on the board... we're not excited or anything!)

For those of you who think Max is a happy camper all the time... here's proof that he's not!

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