Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Teeth Blues

Our little daredevil Max proceeded to knock one of his new teeth loose yesterday. As you can imagine I was hysterical upon noticing that his all-the-way-through, shiny, new, bottom tooth was pushed forward! In a panic I immediately called the Dr.'s office and asked to speak to a nurse. Here's why that was a BAD idea... 

You can't just TALK to a nurse... they have to call you back! I knew this because this wasn't my first rodeo but come on, this is sort of an emergency, not the kind that requires a visit to the ER, but you know what I mean!

The nurse didn't call back for 30 minutes... 30 minutes is a LONG time when you are waiting to find out whether or not your child's smile is compromised!

During those frantic 30 minutes, (when I was absolutely freaking out, not knowing what to do), I decided I better call my supportive spouse and tell him how I allowed our 10 mth. old to some how loosen his pearly white! I thought for sure that Spouse would leave work and come home to support me in person... WRONG! He decided instead to stay there and call every 5 minutes to see if I'd heard back from the nurse!

After 20 minutes of waiting on the nurse I finally calmed down enough to realize just how stupid I was being for waiting on what would ultimately result in me calling the dentist... so I called the dentist (who was 20 minutes down the road and closing in an hour and 10 minutes)!

The dentist decided he needed to see Max and asked if we could come right away because we'd have to fill out some paperwork. By that time Spouse came home (to support me in person), and we were on our way to find out what damage had been done.

With 30 minutes to spare before the dentist office would be closing we ran in expecting to be rushed back immediately but the paperwork needed filling out first... 20 minutes later (or 10 minutes to closing), we were finally taken back to the exam room!    

22 dollars later we were told that nature would take it's course over the next week. The tooth will either reposition itself and harden back up, fall out on it's own or turn black and need to be pulled! We're hoping it repositions itself!!! He also advised that we keep him from chewing on anything (YAH, RIGHT), and offer only soft foods (which Max doesn't really care for)! 

Mommy guilt kicked in while we were sitting in the exam chair and I cried all the way home with my supportive spouse making, "I'm gonna knock your teeth out comments", all the way home! THANKS DARLING!

So we wait. And in case you were wondering, he is still biting the body part that feeds him so he must not be in too much pain and agony!

If you're like me, a self-help guide always comes in handy... oh yeah, they have one for anything online... check it out if you are a parent to a wobbly toddler or if you have boys!

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Alex said...

o dear! I hope he doesn't lose it. I would be freaking out too!