Monday, August 29, 2011

Facts About Exercise and Breastfeeding

I get FaceBook updates from This was an article that came through today that I of course just had to read. It's pretty straight forward and there wasn't anything in the article that I didn't already know but there was something that I hadn't thought about and that is "sweaty boobs"!

I like to workout in the morning before the kids get out of bed. When I get done Max is up and ready for his morning feeding... sweaty boobs! I work out before I go to bed at night, after the kids are already asleep. Most of the time Max wakes up right as I finish... sweaty boobs! Sometimes while Max naps in the afternoon and Jaxon is "relaxing" I do some Yoga. When Max wakes up I have to quit because he's ready for a snack... sweaty boobs! 

Poor guy! It doesn't seem to phase him though... he NEVER complains, 'course he can't talk! Anyone else concerned with "sweaty boobs"?!

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Jenna said...

Yes actually! I had that problem this morning. It is so darn hot in our apt. that they get sweaty just from feeding her!