Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pizza for Dessert?

Since this Mama's on a health food kick, my lil' fam has been having to do w/out the sweets!
I'm not sure they'd agree but I consider fruit, dessert. Hubby and I had a meeting to go to last night and were asked to bring a dish for the potluck we'd be having before the meeting started. 

I wanted to bring something that wasn't going to be loaded in fat and calories so I went a hunt'in through some of my favorite websites for healthy "eats". I decided on this yummy little treat below. Not only was this delicious but it was really fun to make w/ the boys! Jaxon and I made a sorting game out of putting the toppings on and Max was our "sauce" taste tester! 

I'm thinking of adding this to the Birthday Party Menu... it's quick and easy and so yummy, best of all it's a somewhat healthy, kid-approved dessert!  

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Jenna said...

Yum! It's always great to bring your own healthy dish! At least you know you can eat something!